Friday, August 1, 2008


Listen to I AM THE FLY by Wire.
Listen to FROM THE NURSERY by Wire.

John again. One amusing thing about music taste is how many unknowns are actually involved. For instance, today's group is Wire, one of those more or less 'important' bands that influenced blah blah blah... Normally, a line like that would either get me to a) shrug agreement or b) hit the net to figure out how it fits into my scheme. Unfortunately for both Wire and me, they were one of those bands that were adored by friends that said things like "Sure, The Beatles were decent, but the Velvet Underground was much more (nonsense)..." after which I tuned out and mentally marked things in their collection that I didn't know as 'eh, maybe later'. And there Wire sat for almost 13 years until I stumbled across 'I Am The Fly', slapped my head, and began to fill the gap. If only it was just the ears...

Enjoy, and Happy August!

Photo: bus.



bill said...

i have to say, all of your entries have been entertaining, but this is the first one where i'm rof, lmao. great photo, too

philip said...

john, you write entertaining stuff. good reads, all of them.

john said...

hey thanks fellas. always nice to know i'm not just talking to myself (as usual)!