Thursday, March 5, 2009


Mr. Marcus Garvey
Listen to DANGEROUS MATCH ONE by The Scientist.
Listen to LOVE IS UNIVERSAL by Johnny Osbourne.

I used to think Dangerous Match One was the heaviest dub of all time. I mean, obviously, I bought this album for the cover ("Scientist Wins The World Cup"), but I distinctly remember putting it on for the first time and almost being fearful for my life.

From that moment on, my respect for The Scientist knew no limits. Who else could possibly coax such monstrous beats and sounds out of what was surely a pretty ordinary reggae cut?

See if you can spot the flaw in the reasoning there...It took years, but someone finally told me I should hear Johnny Osbourne's "Never Stop Fighting" record. Well, I put it on, and it's just as heavy. Indeed, The way the Roots Radics play on Love is Universal, it makes me wonder what exactly the Scientist did -- because he couldn't make the beat any deeper than it already was!


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