Sunday, March 1, 2009


Listen to ESTERGON KALESI by Band of Ottoman Military.

I've been uploading and tagging photos all evening, which means I don't turn on iTunes, because this poor computer can't handle having Photoshop and iTunes on at the same time (to be fair, it's about 160 gigs of stuff).

So, I need a new song to listen to. Estergon Kalesi is a Turkish March, and a popular one. I only know that because every CD I bought in Istanbul had a version of it on there, seemed like. This version is my favorite. (Oh, okay, I guilted myself into doing a minimum of internet research. Esztergom is a very old, important, city in Hungary, northwest of Budapest on the Danube. A former capital, in fact. The Turks invaded and held the city for a length of time. The fortress ("kalesi") was repeatedly besieged, including, and finally, by the Austrian Army in 1595. The march presumably is honor of the troops who bravely held on to the castle without being relieved, before finally being forced to surrender.)

It's not been all antique music around here. In fact, Comrade Stu has been all over the internet today with a front-row boot from the Grizzly Bear show from last night. That little camera he has is something else -- it sounds pretty decent! Go have a listen then.


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Corbett said...

Stu even made it to Pitchfork! Nice one.