Saturday, March 14, 2009


Listen to THAT'S ALRIGHT (Guitar & Vocal) by Buckingham & Nicks.
Listen to THAT'S ALRIGHT (Bass & Vocal) by Buckingham & Nicks.

An unplanned detour this afternoon. The plan was to post another version of You'll Never Walk Alone (I had a particularly preposterous version lined up) in honor of Liverpool's inevitable humiliation. Things did not go according to the plan.

Instead, I got this email from Stu:

Re: Buckingham Nicks - Designs Of Love (That's Alright)
hey bro,
needing some tips as i'm at my wits end. this tune is my fave off Fleetwood Mac's overproduced 1982 album Mirage.
never knew it was first recorded 10 years earlier as a demo. i'm trying to track down the original MP3 that has surfaced on CDR's. any clues on how to sleuth this down/narrow the search?

Well, I never give away my secrets, but this one turned out not to be too difficult. Here it is, man. Sharing it with the world, in fact! Two different versions, in fact!


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