Monday, March 23, 2009


Listen to Rise in the Springtime by Lavender Diamond.

Hi, Laura here, and I'm happy to be this week's guest blogger. I'm also extremely happy that this year's frigid winter is finally over! And to mark the first week of spring, I'm going to feature some of my personal favorite springtime songs. There are some great selections on tap.

First up is what I think of as a quintessential springtime band-- Lavender Diamond. Led by the adorably quirky and classically trained singer Becky Stark, Lavender D are an LA based folk pop (I guess?) band. I've always liked their uplifting lyrics and Becky's lovely vocals.

One time in a record store my husband and I were buying some Eliot Smith and also a Lavender Diamond record. I was complaining that Smith was just so depressing that I could never listen to it. The guy behind the counter piped up to say: "Well the Lavender Diamond will cheer you up!!" Exactly.

Photo: Conservatory Garden.


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bill said...

welcome back laura! nice to have you here again. And as it turns out, very fortuitous that you can run your posts yourself, since we lost our modem over the weekend and can't get someone to come out to replace it until next weekend!