Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Listen to TEMPO by Anthony Red Rose.

This song reminds me of London for some reason. In particular, the record shops in Berwick Street. The last time I spent any significant time down there was in May 2005. I think I heard a remix of this tune at "Sounds of the Universe" but I may be imagining that.

I wonder how long those shops will last. Most of the record stores around here have closed, of course, a phenomenon I've noted in the past. I'm not that regretful about it -- the internet really does render a lot of what record stores did totally obsolete -- and frankly, I've become a little anti-nostalgic. But I suppose even I should admit it would be better to have "Rocks In Your Head" back than some idle real estate office down the block from me.


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Corbett said...

This song is bitchin'.