Wednesday, July 18, 2007


GET OUT OF MY WAY by Joe Torres.

This is off a great compilation I got from Stu several years ago. I love about 8 songs off of it, but Get Out Of My Way is probably my favorite. Just checking around the internet, I saw this wonderfully succinct review of the collection:

Broasted or Fried--Latin Breakbeats, Basslines & Boogaloo
Funky New York Latin Soul. This CD is the one of the best compilations I've ever heard. Each one of these tracks is classic dance floor Boogaloo. It will make you move with Latin percussion mixed in with classic funk and jazz elements like Hammond organ, horns, and guitar. Lyrics are generally in English with the touches of Spanish. Bands range from biggies in Latin jazz (Puente, Mann) to ultra obscure rarities. ALL TRACKS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, play constantly at maximum volume
About Get Out Of My Way, the reviewer says, "4) *Great groover, English and Spanish vocals, jazzy horn interludes." Which is all true. Totally worthy of being played at the wedding reception.


Photo: Ice on the Hudson.



soonergooner said...

Well, lets hope they don't build steam pipes the way they used to... For some reason, I can't load todays song, bad link?

Bill said...

try it again now

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