Monday, July 30, 2007


TRUSTING HEART by The Trammps.

The Trammps are known mainly for Disco Inferno, a song I've never really loved. (Or maybe I loved it once, before I'd heard 784,000 times).) I have hard time pinning down exactly why, but the vocals are a little too "soulful" for a campy disco record. Plus the instrumentation is so refined. For disco I'm more of a fan of the Chic approach, with drugged up vocals but insane playing.

Ironically enough, though, I think the Trammps approach works brilliantly for a song that's a little less overtly disco than Inferno. Trusting Heart is more mid-70s Philly Soul, and I think it's brilliant. I'm a sucker for minor chord riffs, and the way the strings (and backing vocals) dip in and out of minors gets me every time. Plus I love the James Brown stylings on the lead. One of my favorite 70s dance tracks.


Photo: Charlton Street hotel, March.


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