Wednesday, July 4, 2007


NUMBER ONE by Playgroup.

This number is from 2001, and it sounds a little like Chic fronted by Lenny Kravitz. Good times.

I've been telling everyone who would listen for the last year that I didn't care very much about what was played at our wedding reception. The idea is that let someone else worry about that, the all the good songs you hear there you'll associate with the wedding itself, instead of a song you know inside out. Plus it seems like a little much to try to micromanage the music (along with everything else).

So of course I find myself here wasting the last two hours building a 300 song playlist to evaluate for the reception, instead of cleaning the apartment like Amy told me to. Can't help it.

Anyway, enjoy this little electroclash tune, and have a happy July 4th!


Photo: View from the dog run (2) (taken with the new phone camera).



soonergooner said...

I suppose the pic is to be contrasted with the one below it. It really is sharper with much more resolution. Hope the rest of the phones features match. Was the first pic taken w/ your old phone?

Bill said...

No, the earlier one is taken with the digital camera, so it's probably a higher res. But it was taken earlier in the day so it's a little lighted-out, relatively washed-out. today's was taken during the magic hour so it looks more color-saturated. it's a good little camera though

Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day!! Picture looks great. Tad, you're up early. Love, Mom