Monday, July 9, 2007


JUMP IN THE FIRE by Metallica.

One of the 30 things I've remembered to put on my to-do list for our wedding next month is get music together for the reception. I've made it a personal vow not to get too tied up into the reception music, but I can't really help myself.

So I made a playlist of about 300 "acceptable" tunes, and boy is it a doozy. It's chock full of classic "one man dancing" songs. That is, the songs would be a huge hit if I was marrying myself, and 100 of me were attending.

Sadly, Jump In The Fire is one of those songs, I think. If you step back and squint at it just right, I think the song would be great dance material. It's fast, it's got a great hook, it's surprisingly glammy, you can even sing along with the chorus. In an alternate, better universe, everyone would beg for this tune instead of, say, Billy Idol.

But let's not kid ourselves. This gets played, and 30 people stop dancing to get another drink, and 69 people check their watch wondering when the next ferry is coming. But I'd be out there hopping around!

By the way, Metallica were in the news this weekend. Great item, on the way to the new Wembley for a gig, James Hetfield got detained at Luton airport for his "Taliban-like beard." Awesome.


Photo: Lobster gear on Islesford (1).



John said...

Can we get Grady to play Hetfield? Yeaaaah no-ah!

Bill said...

maybe we can get alex to do the wedding itself: do you-hooah take this womaaaan nooo-ah to be your-huuah lawfully wedded wife no-ah! No remorse!