Wednesday, July 25, 2007


HIT AND RUN LOVER by Tommie Young.

Man it's a pleasure to post these tracks. I started writing this post about ten minutes ago, but instead of typing, I just tapped on the desk for a few runs through the track.

Hit and Run Lover is totally unknown to the public at large, but it's quite a staple among rare groove fans. It's even been reissued on vinyl as a 7" on Jazzman records (and even more to the point, on a Jazzman CD compilation, which is how it comes to me).

But, being relatively unknown, I can't tell you much about Tommie Young, except she's from Dallas. That's the sort of detail I wouldn't know if Ms. Young was from, say, Idaho, but if I find out a singer, author, public figure is from my part of the world, I don't forget it as easily.

Anyway, enough about me, listen to this tune!


Photo: Late afternoon on Islesford.



Anonymous said...

Grandma's "beach!" (the picture)

Bill said...

ha, yes it is. They do have a sand beach, as seen here, but wedding guests aren't likely to go over to it. They'll see the gravel...

John said...

that's a nice jam.....