Friday, February 1, 2008


Listen to GILA by Beach House.

Listen to FATA MORGANA by El Guincho.

Hello February! A quick post for you from me, since as soon as Jason takes over he immediately skates off to Oz, I have to be my own Friday guest blogger!

Two songs that are widely available on the internet, so I don't feel bad about posting them, even though they're very new.

First is Gila by Beach House, from their brand new album "Devotion." I really love this music: a voice, a guitar, a metronome, and serious low-fi vibes. If you liked their last album, or this song, you'll like the entire new album. It all sounds the same. (Suffice it to say, if you don't like this selection, don't dig any deeper.)

El Guincho's album, "Alegranza," was released last year but is only very recently attracting attention. The most common point of comparison has been Panda Bear, which is certainly there. I haven't heard anyone compare it to a Cornelius record, which is how it sounds to me. Anyway, it's good fun.

This weekend we have Man City early Saturday then we're hosting a shower for some twins-to-be. Sunday is the Super Bowl! Amy will be theoretically cheering for the Pats but probably just watching ANTM reruns...

Photos: iPhone Skies.



Corbett said...

Two questions for today's post:
1) How did Beach House come to be from Baltimore?

2) How did Panda Bear come to be so ridiculously overrated?

Bill said...

1) 'Wire' fans

2) Anti-Grizzly Bear media conspiracy

Corbett said...

Those are surprisingly satifying answers!

uncle billy said...

So is Jason now the skatebyeblogger? Now for a random sperimen. For all you history mapping Anglophobes:
KEEP YOUR MIND OUDDA DA GUDDER is kind of interesting. Was Highbury on the map?

Bill said...

nicely done! that map is a little scatalogical though isn't it?