Friday, February 15, 2008

We're stepping out...

...for a few days. For some well-earned R&R. (Well, earned by Amy, not by me!)

I've got a couple of songs lined up for next week, but we're relying on a pair of guest-bloggers to keep things ticking over. Jason will be here a week from now doing his meditations, plus we have a big time treat for you: Our friend Stu, late of East Village Radio (catch them tomorrow, 6-9!) and all sorts of adventures we've plugged periodically, is going to drop a couple of tunes on us. It's a can't miss proposition.

Anyway, we've been a little remiss in our Arsenal blogging lately, and that's set to continue, but it's a big week for us, no question. Man United tomorrow in the FA Cup, and Milan on Wednesday. Fingers crossed Man United gets stuck in Dubai and Milan disband for cheating, and they forfeit both matches...

Have a good weekend and enjoy the rollicking good fun next week!


1 comment:

soonergooner said...

Some bunch a flowers for ya ta go, heh. Must be a heckava trip to skip on the next coupla games. Guess we'll keep an eye on the games, ya'll EARN YOUR TAN!!!