Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Listen to I DON'T KNOW HOW (TO SAY I LOVE YOU) DON'T WALK AWAY by The Superlatives.

I really do love how much great obscure music is so readily available these days. I've spent a lot of my life collecting music, but I've really come around to the idea of a Universal Jukebox, where anyone can listen to anything they want. Maybe someday. In the meantime, we have music blogs. This song, for example, I found some time ago on Soul Sides, and not that he needs our endorsement, it's a place you really should visit. I think I've said this before! Everything good is there eventually. Even Monday's song (which John gave to me) was posted there a while ago. Oh, and speaking of blogs, Stu was on a heavy hitting Australian blog the other week playing some Icelandic music you'd be wise to check out.

Anyway, there are a couple of cool things about this song. One, the title, with a parenthetical right in the middle of it. Two, whoever recorded the drums was on to something. They really snap and pop. Pop? Yes, this song is very pop. Try not wiggle when you play it. In particular, there's a little breakdown section that is so much fun. I want to quote a well known fellow blogger who gets it exactly right:

There’s a breakdown in the middle of the record in which the arranger comes dangerously close to having his reach exceed his grasp, yet manages to pull off what amounts to a bit of pure magic. The entire band steps back, with the exception of the horns which lay down a little fanfare – trombones in harmony with muted trumpets – after which the lead singer drops a single, extended, soulful ‘BABY!’, that sends chills down my spine every time I hear it. Just beautiful…
Photo: Life in Istanbul (3).


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