Friday, February 22, 2008


Listen to SUMTHIN' BETTA by Beatconductor.

Jason dropping in.

Stu's been keeping the homefires burning on the blog-fire this week. And, just as Bill posted some tracks that he only got familiar with because of hairy specialist-generalist Disco Stoo, I'll do the same.

Stu has introduced me to some kicking record stores in East Side, New York. Not long ago, he hauled out "The Greatest Hits of G.A.M.M." - a Swedish label that is rumoured to be a side-project of DJ Mad Mats (founder of Raw Fusion Recordings). The G.A.M.M. stuff is very cool - oldskool, soulskool, toadskool....

My favourite track on the album is this one - sampling 1979's "There's Something Better" by Free Life.

Its a real fusion. Without originally knowing anything about the artist, or the label, I found it difficult to pick the era its from. Heavy on uplifting gospel but with a thumping disco rhythm, it sounds like its from the 70s but it was released just 2 years ago.

THIS will make you dance.

Photo: PANTHEON, ROME, 2004. Taken by Jason Bryant.


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