Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Listen to I LOVE YOU BABY by The Moovers.

I Love You Baby is the second song we've posted off of the Eccentric Soul Deep City Label comp. The Deep City label was based in Miami, and wasn't too successful in its short life before succumbing to relatively petty disagreements among its owners and shutting down forever. Still, they made some good music, and a lot of that music was made by The Moovers, a vocal group who sang back-up on most of the label's 45s. This track was one of their turns in the spotlight.

Musically and lyrically, it's nothing special--I wouldn't be too interested in a cover version--but it's a tremendous performance, and a great recording in the sense that it captures a lot of soul. I especially like it how nearly redlines on the "BABY!" lines and how it moves into the refrain "You put a SONG in my heart with a SWEET melody..." and then instead of moving back into the chorus it surprisingly doubles back a few seconds later with "You're my SOLE inspiration...." (or is it soul and inspiration? Anyway, it's really nice.) Have a good Tuesday!

Photo: Life in Istanbul (2).


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