Sunday, April 6, 2008

2008 MS Walk: One week away!

A week from today, the 20th annual MS Walk takes place. Amy has convinced about thirty of her students & colleagues to join her (and the dog) for this year's walk. Check out her fundraising pitch:

Dear friends and family,

For the 20th anniversary of the MS Walk (and my 10th anniversary participating), a group of students at my school have agreed to walk the 10 mile route on April 13th.

Many of my students need to raise at least $50 to participate. Won't you support them by donating on their behalf? I typically ask you to support me, but this year I am asking you to support them since they care!

If interested, please follow this link, choose a student and donate some $$ using the web site:

Want to walk? Join the team through the same link and ask your friends to donate!

We thank you!


a supporter said...

kids are topped off!

a supporter said...

....and by topped off I mean they met their minimum. Everybody should feel free to donate more!

Bill said...

you're a fine person, supporter!

uncle billy said...

An anonymous altruistic supporter. Aren't there some FINE PEOPLES in this world...;-)!