Monday, April 7, 2008


Listen to GOODBYE TO LOVE by The Carpenters.

Stu and I have decided to postpone for another week his sure-to-be amazing series on contemporary Icelandic music (and by contemporary, I mean stuff that hasn't been heard anywhere--seriously, I'm excited about it), but til then you're stuck with me another week. I've been enjoying these jukebox classics, so let's have some more.

Because basically any obscure single from the 70s or 80s could conceivably fit our criterion, let's limit ourselves a bit again. Singles featuring female vocalists in a country-ish vein, that's what we'll do. ...Well, today's song isn't too country, it's classic soft rock.

Goodbye To Love was released as a single on June 19, 1972, but it was the first Carpenters single since Ticket To Ride not to reach number one. Don't let that discourage you, though, it really is one of the best, and most enduring, Carpenters singles, with a great vocal by Karen (though sorry to burst your bubble, it's not Karen on drums--that's Hal Blaine) (and before I forget my audience, yes, The Carpenters were a great group. I accepted this a long time ago and forget that lots of people look down on them. They shouldn't).

Having said that, let's keep things in perspective. One thing I enjoy about Wikipedia entries for musicians is that they're not necessarily written by critics. In fact, as a general rule, they're written by whoever has the most enthusiasm for the job, i.e., fanboys. The Goodbye To Love entry is a nice example. You may not know it, but it's an innovative song! See: "with its fuzz guitar solo in the center of a "middle of the road" (MOR) song (which had not been tried before)," Goodbye To Love "had a significant impact on the power ballads which were released afterwards." Well, how about that!

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soonergooner said...

Maybe I'm reading too much pop psych into your posts, but don't say "Goodbye to (Champ League) Love" just yet.

The less said bout Saturdays' second strike, the better so I will just let them say it.

Maybe, for giggles, put up the best jukebox version of this, before the match and see if that doesn't change our mojo..