Friday, April 25, 2008


Listen to ONE SURE THING by Fairport Convention.
Listen to ONE SURE THING by The Conspirators.

Friday's not usually my day, but Jason is off composing paeans to himself, so I had to step in.

Which is nice, actually, because I get to share with you a song that I had wanted to anyway. Short little backstory: Corbett had been pestering me about Fairport Convention for months (years!), saying they were the greatest folk-rock group he'd heard in years (decades!) Eventually, I broke down and got "Unhalfbricking," the first album featuring Sandy Denny, thinking that would be the one to get. I didn't dig it too much. So, to wrap this up in a sentence, Corbett told me I was wrong, and to get the first Fairport Convention album full stop, so I did last weekend, and it really is amazing!

One Sure Thing is buried down on side two, but it's become one of the group's better known songs. With justice, because it is top class. I had hesitated to include it in the "slow and moody" category, because if you just listen to the tempo, it's not that slow--quite brisk, actually--but Judy Dyble's vocal is so powerful, the accompaniment is the last thing you should focus on.

Speaking of Judy Dyble, she only just reappeared last year after thirty years out of the music business with a few songs with a group called The Conspirators. One of the songs they recorded was a remake of One Sure Thing, which I've included as a bonus (don't say we never have new music here) Quite like the guitar on this one, as I'm sure do Franz Ferdinand's lawyers! Today we'll be watching Amy's return trip to New York and waiting for the weekend. Enjoy.

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Corbett said...

Geez...I don't think they're that great! I'm not one of those British-Folk apologists--I just like groups that get really into the Byrds, like, 5 to 50 years too late. Or groups who got into the Byrds in 1965. Or just the Byrds. Or spin-offs of the Byrds.

bill said...

Well, maybe I was misrepresenting what you've been saying, though it's apparent from my account that I was never listening very well, if it's any consolation. Regardless, three or four great tracks on that first album.

uncle billy said...

Not sure, but it appears the epic journey has come to an end. Hope everyone had as good a time as Buster! Even though he really doesn't relish getting whacked, he is looking forward to seeing Martin again! Kate, btw, is safely skimming the airwaves home..