Friday, April 4, 2008


Listen to STIR UP PROBLEMS (McSLEAZY BOOTLEG) by Charlatans v Jay-Z.

Jason dropping in.

I've never been a big fan of the Charlatans. They were one of those Indie breeds who promised much in the music but never raised it above the level. And their song "Stir It Up" is a perfect example. The guitar riff builds but the song just drifts...

...and drifting is kinda what I've been up to recently. Just back from a snowboarding trip in Austria, I'd made a shuffle comp for the mountain which turned out to be 108 songs. On random, I probably only heard half of them (not including when my shuffle decided to play the same 3 songs in "random" because it was a widdle bit cold.)

But, hands down, the pick of the mix turned out to be this.

Jay-Z's "99 Problems" has been mashed to death, but it works in many places because its such a laconic, iconic delivery. This mash completes "Stir It Up". It takes the Charlatans riff, overlays Jay-Z's story....but most crucially it drops a bass at 0:40 which must have only come from Scottish DJ McSleazy (who impressed enough to join the Charlatans on tour).

Just imagine beginning your run down the mountain....the riff begins....the bass kicks in.....and then its a whole new drift...

A shout out to the trip's board brothers - Boss Hogg, Rubber Ducky, Prescious, Sheriff, Shrek, A$$ Helmet and The Freak.

PS I have no idea how many people read Bill's ballistic blog...but if you're interested in the other 107 songs from the mountain mash, just comment and ask for a song. I'll post a reply to each one with another from the mix. Let's see how far it goes.

PPS Props to McSleazy for agreeing that Depeche Mode's "Violator" is the "best synth pop album in history".

Photo: ZELL AM SEE, 2008. Photo taken by Jason Bryant



Bill said...

Are they all mash-ups? I'd like to see that. For some reason. Also, what do you mean "you'll" post the song. Have you figured out this blog enough to do that yet?

Jason said...

Ha! No - I haven't yet been able to get Safari or Opera to upload tracks to your archaic ftp ;)

So I actually meant I would just say what the song was - like this:

"Fortress Europe" by Asian Dub Foundation

They're not all mash-ups - but there certainly were some. One, in particular, I'll be posting soon in the future.

mcsleazy said...

wow - that's a good read :)

thanks for the kind comments.

Jason said...

Thanks mcsleazy.

So, where did you get that bass (at 0:40 in the track) from?

Hope the set goes well at T in The Park.