Thursday, April 10, 2008


Listen to LET ME BE THERE by Olivia Newton-John.

Australia's greatest export in a country stylee. This was her first big international hit (I say international because who knows what she was up to down under before this), and as everyone knows, she got her start as a kind of watered down Linda Rondstadt/John Denver countryish songstress. Let Me Be There was so big it hit top 10 in the U.S. pop charts, and so good that it won a Grammy. Oh, and Elvis loved the song and sang it repeatedly.

Readers may detect a bit of snark today, and I really should do better. I'm listening to the song, though, and it sounds exactly like a different song and my failure to pin it down is making me irritable. That, and those brain-piercing synth strings and the totally, totally odd bass vocalist she's singing with. This isn't from Australia, it's from an earworm factory.

Photo: 17th Street (4)House on 21st Street.



Penny said...

Are there any houses on 17th not up for sale?

bill said...

Yeah, definitely. Just a strange little cluster of for-sale ones. Honestly not like the rest of the immediate neighborhood.

uncle billy said...

To clear a bit of confusion re 17th.
This house is not on 17th but 21st. The first to the east of the "Warrior" walkway on the south side. Always a well kept house as it still is.
Actually, it is not at all indicative of what you're portraying in the pictures these last few days. 17th spec homes are generally marginal in terms of ownership whereas these owners have been long term good quality caretakers, prob ready to cash out for whatever reason(assisted living?, ugh!). I always felt challenged by this particular home as we drove home as they helped raise standards.
17th street dwellers have been glorified apartment dwellers, these owners, something different. I wish them well for whatever reason and hope they get what they need from the sale(still not sold, btw).

bill said...

Indeed you're right! I couldn't figure out why the shadows were being cast the wrong way! My bad, been fixed.

KP said...

I've been kind of wondering how the music squared with the Bethany real-estate listings. (I would respond to the images instead of the audio.)

Not sure whither that whole neighborhood - it kind of suffers from being immediately adjacent to the whole-16th-from-Rockwell-in thing, and yet hangs on to the Glade-Flamingo thing.

I know things have certainly changed quite a bit just a little ways North

uncle billy said...

Good to see KPs' comment. I wonder if he has any interest in the ongoing seachange near his hometown?