Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Listen to BLANKET ON THE GROUND by Billie Jo Spears.

Blanket On The Ground was a huge hit in 1975, but it missed me in the womb. The first time I heard it was on a random "not available in stores"-style compilation. Really the only thing people know about Ms. Spears (no relation) these days is that she had a bluesy voice that sounds a little between Loretta Lynn and Jeanie C. Riley (weaker voice than, stronger voice than, respectively).

But whether you've heard this song a hundred times or never, I'd like to call attention to how well arranged it is. How smoothly the band drops out before each verse and how they come back in Beatles style one at a time to really drive the song forward. Nice fuzz bass too.

If you like this song, I have to recommend that you go back to Stu and Ben's radio show from Saturday. Ben dug up this ridiculously funny/good track in the country-girl-goes-to-the-city-then-back-to-the-country vein, called Mr. Walker, It's All Over. It's really fun.

Photo: 17th Street (3).



Corbett said...

I'd never heard this...what a treat! Great song. The photos are quite sad and kind of tough to look at with all those "For Lease" signs.

bill said...

Yeah, the song is a little jewel that I had forgotten about til this weekend

The light and the selection make it seem maybe worse than it is, but there were a remarkable number of houses up for rent/sale on that block. Anyway, it's a sad day in Arsenal land so maybe these pictures are right.

soonergooner said...

Can't seem to pull that song up, new flash player or something.
I respected your desire about the game, tho after their third(certainly undeserved) there was quite an urge to warn you off.
Is this the gooners St Totteringsham" day? Around here it might be called Annual Aggie Day of Recognition(there is always next year) I certainly believe it is better to actually be in the hunt, than not, even if it involves MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT at the end. Sadly, both my teams have had too much recent experience with this phenomenon.
Just as your pictures portray a somewhat gloomy scene, this will pass. SOONER rather than latter, for the better rather than the worse. Cheers, to you and the scousers, jeers to the ***KING BLINDASS REFS...

Philip said...

Very Nice Song - I liked the first half best. And Scotty B., thanks for the cheers. At least it was a good match.

bill said...

re the match, everybody saw what happened, doesn't change anything. at least we gave everything we had. also, the song file seems to be fine, maybe try it in a different program.