Monday, September 17, 2007


COULDN'T I JUST TELL YOU by Todd Rundgren.

(Prelude: We had an eventful weekend here--Friday night Amy and Windy and Sabina and Martin played DDR all night while I was off with Ned and John and Alex listening to the Walkmen try out some new tunes in Williamsburg. Saturday morning was the most enjoyable football match in a long, long time. No analysis here, but I scared Sabina a lot by screaming at Abou Diaby through the TV, then doing three silly jigs in quick succession. Then Saturday afternoon Amy and I went out to an Oktoberfest party hosted by the Piepers. We were in full (fake) Bavarian gear and had a blast. Yesterday we recovered.)

Anyway, back to the tunes. I sat down for a bit this morning and tried to decide what to play. I've stumbled into a lot of great new stuff the last week or so and nearly put that up. The new Jens Lekman, in particular, is a pleasure. But for today I decided to put up a classic. Something/Anything?, is a super album, and unlike "Greetings From L.A.," it's an album my Dad managed to share around back in the old days. Couldn't I Just Tell You? is possibly the best cut there, at least the best song you might not have heard a million times. Archetypal power pop.


Photo: Vandam Street.



soonergooner said...

I came by those lost memories honestly, honestly!

corbett said...

Had Rundgren heard Big Star perhaps?