Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Maine blogging

Just for old time's sake! The Times this morning has an article on Maine microbreweries, and Doug from the Atlantic Brewing Company is featured. Those were the days, huh?

We spent that night in Bar Harbor, the home of our last two microbreweries. The first, early Sunday afternoon, was the Atlantic Brewing Company, home of the ubiquitous Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale, among others. The blueberry brew is a little sweet, and it ships to 21 states.

At the brewery, in the Town Hill neighborhood near Acadia National Park, the company’s owner, Doug Maffucci, was tidying up the grounds, which include a modern warehouse, a barbecue restaurant and a landscaped beer garden.

Mr. Maffucci, 51, a trim Colby College graduate, was at his most animated when he described the little details of the grounds, which was once an apple and dairy farm. “What I love is watching it be full of people, they’re sitting here enjoying it,” he said, “and they’re not even realizing why it’s comfortable. They’ve been driving, or they were in traffic, or they got their lobster dinner about two hours late, and they just sit down and go, ‘Aaaaah.’ ”



Anonymous said...

The brewery was one of my favorite times at the wedding. That was a very, very nice party.

Love, Mom

soonergooner said...

**Down East in Maine, by the Pint or the Vat**
Make mine the later, thank you very much!