Wednesday, September 19, 2007


SUBMARINE DOWN by The Negro Problem.

Next up is Submarine Down by The Negro Problem, a.k.a. Stew. I heard Submarine Down a couple weeks ago on East Village Radio during a set by Greg Caz. I made a note of it and went to get it on Amazon. Unfortunately, their first album is out of print, so no luck there. But strangely enough, the song was available on iTunes, so I got my own copy beamed to my computer from Steve Jobs.

Instant hooks, this song. A fun nerd game might be to pick out the songs it sounds like. Yellow Submarine, of course (Well, it actually sounds like more Beatlesque than Beatles). My pick for soundalike song would be Vanishing Girl by the Dukes of Stratosphear (a song I'd post if I hadn't put up Brainiac's Daughter a few months ago). Maybe you can come up with a better one. Regardless, an excellent art-pop song, definitely worth a listen.


Photo: Charlton Street.


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