Friday, September 28, 2007


VINGSLAG (ft. Johan Tuvesson) by Kalle J.

This track today I'm a little obsessed with. The featured sample will be instantly recognizable to Bacharach/Walker Brothers fans out there (I know there are a few), and is the key to the song. The sample itself is more than a little piercing, sped up, house-y. Everyone knows how you can transform a sound by snipping it and looping into a sample, and there's a little of that going on here. The first time I heard this track, I was skeptical about the sample and the song itself during the first verse, but the sound wormed its way into my head by the end of the song and ends up delivering a decent emotional impact. Hard to describe (evidently!). But I like it. And it comes with a video too! Back to playing around with the ceiling.


Photo: Ceiling cracks (3).


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Anonymous said...

The video reminds me of how violent things are in nature. Getting a peaceful reprieve is a good goal to be savored because it won't last.

Love, Mom