Friday, September 7, 2007


NIGHTHAWKIN' by Tim Buckley.

Happy Friday to you! I know a lot of people my age are big fans of Jeff Buckley, who's been dead ten years and only released one album. It's always been curious to me, not because he's sh*t, but his dad, Tim, was such an underrated superstar. where's Tim Buckley's cult following?

That's my feeling about it, which makes it a little embarrassing for me to admit to you that there's one album of Tim's that until recently I'd never really listened to: "Greetings From L.A." It's embarrassment and regret, regret because I sure as hell wish I'd been listening to this record ten, twelve years ago, back when I was young and single. What a monster sound he gets, and it's so, so raunchy. I have a vague memory hearing that the reason why I shouldn't bother with this record because it was 'ridiculous' and 'decadent' and Buckley had 'lost his muse' or 'sold out' or something, but that's dumb. This is a great album. Nighthawkin' isn't one of the great songs on it, but it's short and sweet, and I love the guitar fills climbing all over the singing girls. That's all I've got. Enjoy your weekend. No Arsenal (but more Arsene), but Oklahoma is lining up against Miami, so we're not short of entertainment.


Photo: Balikci Sabahattin.



Anonymous said...

"back when I was young and single."

Oh lord, here we go... :)

Love, Mom (who feels a bit older after reading THAT line!)

soonergooner said...

Wish I had picked this one back up then. Always liked it though I think "Sweet Surrender" was my fav..

Bill said...

I had no idea you knew that album. You done me wrong, man! Sweet Surrender is probably the standout. But I didn't post it because (a) it's kinda long and (b) I think (and I may be wrong about this) Sweet Surrender is about some fairly... outré sexual practices, and that territory had already been covered with the Grace Jones post.

Anonymous said...

You two are just creepy.


soonergooner said...

***I had no idea you knew that album***
As usual, Kathy had picked it out and it was getting a lot of play at 59th, I think. Really didn't follow his bio though. ***Creepy*** indeed is the bio of both father and son having big albums and passing too soon...