Wednesday, September 12, 2007



January 2001997 John and I drove down to all the way down to Austin from Waco to buy two CD singles. The pre-leak internet era, obviously.

I'm pretty sure we found them at Waterloo Records, but no matter. I do remember it was getting late when we got back in the car, we listened to both of them about 5 times each, then called Corbett right away to come over to hear for himself when we got back.

Woodpigeon Song was a B-Side to CD2 of the Beetlebum CD single (which is what we'd gone to Austin to get). For whatever reason, probably due to the lengths we went to to get it, I've always been a big fan of Woodpigeon Song. It doesn't go out of its way to be charming. It's just an incomplete demo, no bridge, draft vocal, cheapy sound effects... but honestly I love it. I'm told by iTunes (it's sad I know this, but I do) that in the last 5 years it's in my top-5 most-played Blur songs, just ahead of the A-Side itself.


Photo: World Cup Final (2).



john said...

didn't we buy one each of the singles? i remember they were costly "imports".

and while i'm at it:

good times, good times!

Bill said...

yeah. CD1 and CD2. i think they were 10 bucks each, not cheap 'way back when'

corbett said...

Why the hell didn't I go with you guys?

I do distinctly remember hearing the single for the first time...Probably one of the few times the weight of expectation was supported by the material.