Monday, September 3, 2007


THE GIFT THAT KEEPS GIVING by Super Furry Animals.

Happy Labor Day! We're very much trying to get back into the swing of things here, but the world is conspiring to make it easier for us. Our flight from Turkey landed early, Sarah had the apartment well in hand, Martin was happy to see us, I got to watch all of the Arsenal highlights from the past three weeks, I got to see Oklahoma hang half a hundred on some team in the first half, Arsenal won in style yesterday, and we had good company for dinner both nights we've been back. And, to the extent we're recovering from jet lag, we have an extra day off to sort that out!

Still, I'm not fully back on my game yet so I won't bore you with too much commentary on the song today. It's from the Super Furry Animals' latest release, and it's been a favorite here for a couple of months. It fills me with good vibes.


Photo: Ferry on the Golden Horn.



soonergooner said...

Went to the NT non game w/Bryan. Parked in favorite spot, not arrested, again. Caught up with all the familiar faces along w/a few new ones. Noodles' family, good folks. Good food, lousy beer, life is good!
Annoyed the hell outta Bryan checking on tix, finally grabbed nosebleed for 30-face 47. Sat in the donor sec 4, 21 rows up, bout 42 yd line. SWEET. When we scored to go to 48-0, seconds left, turned to newfound buds and speculated how bad the boss would be ripped if we went for 2...
Speaking of ripped, maybe you saw the goons rip someone a new Arse.. Or not, but a nice flowing end to end match with plenty of movement, drama and skill. Fair result, I think.

Anonymous said...

Not arrested ... again?? This is good, yes?

Welcome home, kids.


Anonymous said...

Nice graphic of Amy on the first page.

Love, Mom

Bill said...

yeah i thought so. someday i'll be able to really use photoshop...

soonergooner said...

RE:***Not arrested ... again?? This is good, yes?***

Always. Last game last year, truck decided to spend the night in the impound lot, lots of cute chevies over there, doncha know..
Parked in the same alley for years, get towed once. Still ahead of $5-$20 per game, methinks.