Friday, May 9, 2008


Listen to DISCONNECT THE DOTS by of Montreal.
Listen to THIS THING ABOUT YOU by Miracle Fortress.

Jason dropping in.

I tend to check this blog in bulk. The RSS feeds bank up and then I pour myself a wine and read what my blog brothers have to say about the tunes I'm then listening to.

Something caught me on Bill's post at the end of April.

Bill quoted another blog:

"'Nilsson Sings Newman' is 30 years old, and, with the exception of the Incense-and-Peppermints-style harpsichord during the fadeout of Cowboy, it sounds like it could have been recorded last week."

Nilsson was a feature of my childhood. 1973's Nilsson Schmilsson was in my Dad's record collection (yes, that's the one with Diva de rigeur "Without You").

It could have been recorded last week, huh? I started wondering what bands today could be the equivalent of the musical geniuses of the 60s and 70s. And, if you say the words "musical genius", then the words "Brian Wilson" won't be far behind.

I posit that these 2 songs are the sort of things Mr Wilson could have made if he had emerged today.

I often forget where I get tracks from by the time I get around to listening to them on the pod. In fact, whilst writing this I suddenly gripped that the "of Montreal" track might have come from this very blog. Close, no dice.

I definitely remember where I got the tip about the Miracle Fortress track - because I left a comment about it on Swedish Friend Adam's blog. All he had written was: "Miracle Fortress from Montreal is my Monday morning soundtrack for this week".

Maybe its the Montreal connection that made my head subconsciously put these 2 together. Both songs have dreadful openings - its lucky I give tracks a minute on the pod before skipping through. "Disconnect" connects on 25 seconds while "This Thing" sounds like bad indie until 35 seconds. But then,


Airy, melodic, etheral background vocals and/or harmonies, jaunty, summery, catchy, know.....Brian Wilson!


Photo: LONDON, 2008. Photo taken by Jason Bryant.


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Philip said...

nice. i liked miracle fortress when i saw them at mercury a few months back.