Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Listen to WRITE A LETTER by Grupa ABC.

Even though the borders were closed in the 1960's, ears were open. And somehow, Stax snuck in and blew them off. One of the bands started around the Memphis sound was Grupa ABC (whose original, and better I think, name was Grupa O!), who plodded around with a sax, organ and bass, but no real hook. Then came Halina FrÄ…ckowiak, whose dusky voice took them to the top.

Today's "Write A Letter" is the translated version of "Napisz, Prosze", which was a 1969 summer smash, and was followed by a string of other hits, all of which ended up on one album. And one album only. Inexplicably, they broke up in 1971, with the singer and drummer trying their luck in East Germany. By 1972, the curve had peaked, and they once again called it quits.

Classic Warsaw Soul!

Photo: Into the forest.


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