Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Listen to ELECTRIC FROG (PART 1) by Kool & The Gang.
Listen to MR. MUHAMMAD by A Tribe Called Quest.

Lest we get a little too obvious on the blog, here's a couple of more obscure tracks. Mr. Muhammad was only the B-side to Bonita Applebaum, so it's possible you might not even know it.

But for the five of you that have been reading the blog since the beginning should recognize at least part of the song, since a prominent sample is taken from this track here. The other main sample is from a Kool & The Gang song that...for some reason...I've always loved and have been wanting to get on the blog somehow (For real, I've been stockpiling "frog" songs just to include this one. Sad, I know). What's there to love about Electric Frog? Not much, just the odd electronic frog sounds they generate somehow or another. Plus, it's called Electric Frog! Weak tea, maybe, but that's your Wednesday. See you tomorrow.

Photo: Mural detail (3).


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