Friday, May 16, 2008


Listen to
FOUX DU FAFA by Flight of the Conchords.
Listen to THINK ABOUT IT by Flight of the Conchords.

Jason dropping in.

When did comedy get so fun-kay? Flight of the Conchords, New Zealand's fourth-most popular parody folk duo, hit the big-time when HBO came a-knocking. What was once a small touring act became a hit TV show, based around their existing songs.

Yes, they did a 2006 radio series with the BBC (I have it - its rubbish) and, yes, they had a 2002 live album ("Folk the World Tour" - also rubbish). But the HBO "One Night Stand" is superb; as is their HBO self-named TV series; as is, now, the "proper" album (which peaked at Number 3 on the US Billboard charts).

"Foux du Fafa" is in a class of its own but you really have to see the video from the TV series to appreciate just how brilliantly they have pimped Serge Gainsbourg via Eric Rohmer* and French Scopitone. Those that can understand French will appreciate the lyrics.

As for "Think About It", this song would stand on its own with "normal" lyrics because it is super cool. Listen out for my favourite FOTC moment at 1:02 (it had my sister and I in hysterics because we used to do that as kids all the time).

I can't finish the post without including 2 other pieces of potty perfection. One from the HBO live show...

...and another from the TV series (watch out for Jermaine's "dance moves" - he's the one with the glasses).

Binary solo!

* Cheers to Bill for introducing me to Eric Rohmer those years ago in New York. What Cinema was that? I know one of the flicks was "Pauline a la Plage." (It was January 15, 2002, at the Film Forum. -ed.)

Photo: Cryptography (with our compliments).


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