Thursday, May 22, 2008


Listen to YAKUBA by The Whitefield Brothers.

The New Funk scene (or whatever we're calling it) is a lot like today's NBA--some of the best players are from Europe. It's a surprise to find out that that group backing Nicole Willis on her masterpiece from 2005, "Keep Reachin' Up" are from Finland. I defy you to listen to a song from that record and get your head around that one. (And then go get the album.) The Soul Investigators have put out a ton of great funk instrumentals, as a matter of fact.

Likewise, Yakuba by The Whitefield Brothers, despite the African & African American trappings, is by some German guys (who generally record as The Poets of Rhythm). Again, this can get pretty complicated pretty fast, so just relax and play the song. Yakuba is one that Stu is always trying to get over on his radio show, so you may have heard it there before. If so, you're a lucky kid.

...Thus concludes the first edition of our "soul-funk funk-soul " series. Tomorrow Jason will be here, and next week we welcome a new amigo to the blog, John. If he doesn't get cold feet. Assuming all goes as expected, I'll be off next week but back in the saddle the week after. Be good!

Photo: Local churches (4). This photo had been scheduled to run long before this news came out yesterday, which is very nice indeed.


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