Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Listen to SAN FRANCISCO by Marek i Wacek.
Listen to MASSACHUSETTS by Marek i Wacek.

Speaking of the piano, if it ain't Chopin, it'd better be good on its own. And what's good is two tracks that, for their own reason, sound great together. (The whiz-kid in me wanted to combine today's tracks into one, but the 30-something in me couldn't figure out how to do it!).

And what's better is if the two tracks are played by two dualing pianists: Marek Tomaszewski and Wacław Kisielewski. Acive and very popular from the mid-60's to the early 80's (until Wacek's untimely death in a car crash) their greatest hits disc is still a staple in many tiny fiats, and is chock-a-block full of traditional pop and classical melodies sped up and double tracked in real time. Although at points it can sound like a 3-ring circus, it can occasionally do justice to an overworked pop standard. So, with a wink to Amigo Corbett, let's start out with John Phillips' 1967 songwriting hit "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)", and then follow with a nod to Amiga Amy with a Bee Gees hit, "Massachusetts", also from 1967.

Photo: forest.


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