Thursday, June 26, 2008


Listen to ATOMIC BOMB by William Onyeabor.

Today's final William Onyeabor selection was a big hit in Nigeria in 1978. Atomic Bomb also happens to be my favorite William Onyeabor song, but my copy *sounds* pretty poor. This is a straight up vinyl rip, so all the squeaks and pops are still there. After a few listens you won't notice. (And if any of you good good people out there has a better copy, don't be shy about passing it along!)

If I told you the main line of this song "I'm going to explode like an atomic bomb" you might easily get the wrong impression about the sound of this one. It's...not an especially convincing threat. Still, with the call and response, the sleigh bells, the keys, the ragged rhythm guitar, the psychotic synths, this song is a total masterpiece. Watch out.

If you enjoyed any of these William Onyeabor tracks this week, head over to this excellent blog for a couple more even rarer ones, and congratulate yourself for impeccably eclectic taste.

Photo: Old India snapshots--Jodhpur gate.


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