Thursday, June 12, 2008


Listen to LA VALLA by Bronx River Parkway (feat. Jose Parla).

Thanks to the good people at Truth & Soul Records, who shared with us this killer track from its highly recommended "Fallin Off The Reel Vol. 2" singles compilation.

La Valla is a track I first heard on Ben & Stu's radio show a few months ago (not that it hasn't been around for awhile, as per usual), and then it dropped off my radar a bit. But now it's back, and I'm enjoying sitting here trying to describe it. It's not like it's too complicated. It's like Night Rider played by locos. I love talking instrumentals--is that a genre? Rambunctious, infectious, it's screaming summer! to me. Stu should break it out this weekend and leave it on repeat for ten minutes.

Photo: Alterations, drapes, leathers.


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