Friday, June 13, 2008



Hey there! John again. I'm standing in for Jason this Friday.

I've always had a warm fuzzy feeling about Fridays. End of the school/work week, start of the weekend - endless potential. As a kid, I'd always have my coolest clothes and my best tunes all picked out and ready for Friday. As an adult, I do the same, although I'm usually asleep on the couch by 10pm. Nonetheless, the spirit, energy, and feeling of a Friday are still there, and I'd like to pass on a tune that reminds me (at least) of the fun.

By way of introduction, I first heard this track on Ben and Stu's radio program back in mid-February and have been listening to it since. It's pop music that would've warped me had I heard it, say 10 years ago...because they're right! MGMT (which I think is a great name), also has a video (and one in 3d too!) to go along with the track, which seems to depict some kind of post-internet pagan apocalypse ritual, but not the bad kind. Anyway, I haven't yet heard the full album, but the rest of the ep is pretty good too. Have a listen and have a fun Friday!

Photo: midway cadillac mountain.



soonergooner said...

Not sure if the powers that be are inclined to post today, so this may be a total non sequitur. The blogmaster(bm) and I are today faced with not having to make a call or a visit with the object of last weeks' posts.
Most around here got a chance to meet grampa(gp) and may have had a chance to find what we found most endearing.
Thought I would pass along a story involving both.
Gp was driving bm to Tulsa when he was around 10. To make the tedious trip bearable,gp decided to make mischief. "You know, Bill, Switzer is an overrated coach. He deserved to be canned." The shock on bm's face was a story gp told to the end meanwhile bm began to employ a defense of his hero.
That subject was soon dropped as both parties turned to an armed truce with bm wondering if gp might have orange blood.
As tedium set back in, bm stared at the scenery, gp's mischief continued. Letting out a huge yawn, gp sez, "That was a good nap, did I miss anything?" The shock on bm's face was exceeded this time by horror and fright. The whole incident once again gp reveled in retelling.
As all here love to hear a song we have not heard in some time, stories like this are good reasons for today.
So after going on far too long,
thanks Dad, and I'll see ya some sunny day!

Corbett said...

I feel like kind of an old guy for saying "this is pretty great".