Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Listen to BODY AND SOUL by William Onyeabor.

Body And Soul is taken from another essential compilation, "Booniay!!" Body And Soul has an unbelievably fine groove, and sounds wonderful. Those drums *pop* and those synths swoop and whine with conviction. Play very loud. Listen closely to Mr. Onyeabor chatting below the groove for a few minutes there. Then download it and save it for your next DJ gig, when you need to use up ten minutes (maybe you need a bathroom break, maybe you want to chat up the patrons) with a weird floor filler everyone will be asking you about afterwards.

Photo: Old India snapshots--double exposure.


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uncle billy said...

Really liking this weeks' tunes, keep it up! How bout a link to a monster bike ride down memory lane?