Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Listen to PROBLEMS by Lee Fields.

Lee Fields has been here before. Back then I was trying desperately to avoid paying $60 for this deleted album of his on the defunct Soul Fire label called "Problems." Alas, my willpower wasn't strong enough. I ordered the d@mn thing. This is good news for you listeners, though, because how else would you be able to hear this excellent specimen of a title track? Our family starves for you.

For all of these soul funk songs, my first inclination in typing up a post is to go into all of the great musicianship happening (the image in your head should be something like a blog skating on thin ice). Still, I can't resist here pointing out what a great, nimble bass line you're listening to right now. There's even a couple Clyde Stubblefield-style breakdowns, in case you weren't sure that rhythm is king today.

Photo: Artificial Limbs.


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