Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Listen to SOMETHING YOU WILL NEVER FORGET by William Onyeabor

This is one intense jam.

I can't really confirm this, but I'm pretty sure William Onyeabor was a one man band. That accords with everything I've read, plus the pair of album covers I've seen, he's set up with a big bank of synths and a couple of microphones. So, I think it's all him, except the occasional backing vocalist. Someone described him as the "Nigerian Thomas Dolby" which is a juxtaposition you wouldn't expect but is a good description of Mr. Onyeabor.

Pretty amazing, and helps explain the weird spaced out feel of these songs. There's space because he only has four limbs with which to fill it!

(Today's selection is of slightly dodgy sound quality, though we've borrowed it from an excellent DJ mix. It's fine once it gets going.)

Photo: Old India snapshots--Delhi driver.


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