Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Listen to MY FOUR LEAF CLOVER by Nicole Willis.

Hello there!

Here's a happy humpday song for you, one that somehow hasn't made its way onto the internet much, even though it's been out a few years. (Example: soul-sides was complaining that it had slept on this album for too long, and that was way back in 2006.) But that's alright, we aren't trying to be cutting edge here, since good music is timeless, that's what they always say...

Anyway, no matter how old it is, you should go out and get the "Keep Reachin Up" LP. I mentioned this the other week, but these Finns are some funky players. Also worth checking out, though I'm not going to blog it, is a remix album of "Keep Reachin Up" that came out on ATC Records just last year. I'm a fan.

That's all the commentary for today. If you want something light and frothy to celebrate the break of this nasty heatwave, press play.

Photo: Labor Ready.



Corbett said...

This song has key-change issues.

bill said...

if i wasn't such a lazy blogger i would have addressed this in the first instance. the changes are a little jarring, but they're clearly intentional--it's like a song-writing exercise. plus, it's the major source of listening interest. i don't think i would have picked this song if it was a normal I IV V or whatever

uncle billy said...

Back online! Yea! I used a guy from there to help lift the hot water heater last year. Needless to say, he was no experienced plumber.(neither was I!)