Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Listen to HELLO SUNSHINE by Relatively Clean Rivers.

This song title alone would be enough to put me in a great mood, er, well, no it wouldn't.

On the other hand, the band's name is a gas. What self belief they must have had! "Decently Nice Rock Group." And that's about all this song is. It's never really jumped out at me, until I checked my iTunes one day and realized I had played it about 20 times in a month. So, I thought, who cares if I thought this was nothing more than a decent tune? My ears are telling me it's great!

It's called trusting the data. That's why, when you watch the debate tonight, don't pay any attention to who the experts say won, just check the polls they pipe in from the slowundecided voters. Just gotta trust the data.

Photo: Fun fronts (3).



Corbett said...

Not too sure why you're underestimating this one...It's pretty groovy. And different--Like Pure Prairie League 5 years too late and on mushrooms.

john said...

Yeah, I like it too - good slow burn on the psychedelics as well.

And that picture is just ridiculous!

bill said...

i bet if you like the song you'll like the whole album. on a different day, i might have written about how surprisingly good this song is, so maybe i was underestimating it too much. however, that name really is credibility-undermining

Corbett said...

I've been listening to this record for a while now...The band name is probably one of the best I've ever heard--it immediately captures what the band/record is all about. The album cover ain't too shabby either!