Friday, October 10, 2008


Listen to PRAYIN' FOR RAIN by Soulhat.

John here again. Earlier this week I had lunch with an old colleague and, even though he's from Long Island, we ended up talking about Austin. As a programmer, he's spent quite a bit of time there and likes the town and it's food and nightlife very much. Coincidentally, Bill's series of obscurities this week brought to mind my first interactions with the unfamous - browsing the large record store chain's "local music" bin.

Ah, the "local" bin, with covers full of smiles, costumes and poses similar to its segregated, more famous brethren, it is awash in the tragedy of unrealized dreams. Must be tough when even an 18yr old kid knows it's not going to work out!

Anywho, put the two together and you get Soulhat, 1993's "Austin Band Of The Year" (runner-up). You see, when I first heard today's track back then, I liked it. Not only did I have it in the car, but I would actually take the album inside after driving... back when that was how it was done. It was an energetic description of my maturity horizon. Then came 1994, and now 2008, with barely a whisper of the track. For me, and most likely for you too, hearing it is like looking at a 1958 Cadillac: nothing you particularly like, but immediately evocative of its time. "Prayin' For Rain" is a swirl of early-90s American indie pop elements played by a group of guys who would like nothing more than to grab some Chuy's and talk to you, really talk to you, about Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Have a good weekend, and enjoy!

Photo: Barton Springs (via "Pablo Agua" on flickr).



Philip said...

very great post, john. typically funny. brings back good memories. although the best part of it was: "(runner up)."

Corbett said...

John, your posts get better every week. I listened to the song--particular blend of bad band name (Soulhat? Seriously?), horribly bad drum production, Zep references and Dead-influenced guitar fills (I'm talking to you, Blind Melon!)...

Even so, the song wasn't half bad, right? Maybe I'm losing it...

bill said...

who was the (winner), anyway

john said...

Sadly, the winner was the Arc Cats, or something like that. I did leave out that Soulhat did pick up "Cassette of the Year" honors for a live set though.

Yeah, Blind Melon, Spin Doctors, maybe some 10,000 Maniacs.. it's all there!