Thursday, October 16, 2008


Listen to THE NEST by Jimmie Spheeris.

I was tricked into listening to this album a few years ago by my Dad, who insisted Jimmie Spheeris was a native son of Oklahoma. At some point I heard he was from California, which disappointed me to no end.

But then not too long ago somebody updated his wikipedia page, and check this out how he got out west:

"Jimmie (James) Spheeris was born in Phenix City, Alabama, to Juanita 'Gypsy' and Andrew Spheeris, who owned and operated a traveling carnival called the Majick Empire. . . . After his father was murdered by a 'belligerent carnival-goer,' Gypsy Spheeris moved the family to San Diego, California."

Whoa! Pretty heavy. Which is not how I'd describe The Nest. It's just...pretty. But I like it usually, it's another one that sounds so time-bound that you can't help but like it sometimes (and be put off by it at other times).

At home I edit out the first 14 seconds or so, but I'll leave it alone for yous guys. Just be patient if you don't hear anything but some tinkling piano for a few seconds.

Photo: Fun Fronts (4).


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