Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Listen to THESE DAYS by Love Psychedelico.

The Japanese baby boomer generation possesses a universal love of The Beatles that borders on obsession. As a Westerner, any conversation I had about music inevitably involved the Fab Four and/or Yoko Ono. Many of the Japanese teachers of English that I knew said they first got interested in learning English to understand the lyrics of The Beatles.

It is, therefore, not surprising to find a lot of Japanese bands influenced by The Beatles and marketed directly for their fanatics; Love Psychedelico is one of those bands. "These Days" is the most folk/country influenced song off their eclectic first album (ingeniously named "The Greatest Hits"). The seamless joining of Japanese and English lyrics are sung in a way that conveys the meaning even if you don't know half of what she's saying.

Photo: Japanese Wires (2).



kt said...

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bill said...

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