Friday, December 26, 2008

First Day of My Life

Listen to FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE by Bright Eyes.

Jason dropping in.

Conor Oberst is the voice of Bright Eyes. And he came to my attention in 2005 amidst claims that he was "the new Dylan" on the back of the album that this was taken from ("I'm Wide Awake, Its Morning"). I saw him play this year with The Mystic Valley Band and he was off - that's ok, he was ill, I forgive him.

I like his songs. They tell stories. They can take you places. And most of the ones I like have the same trait - they all seem to raise it up a gear midway through the track. Not quite a trucker's gear change but "up" none-the-less.

But its the video that's the reason for this post (and maybe a little seasoning of lurve) - its a polariser - you'll either think they nailed it, or you'll be thinking "barf it up schmaltzoid".

There are other videos in this category:

The closing scene of Juno? Works.

The Elton John singalong in Almost Famous? Works.

The drunken Manilow in Hellboy 2? Does NOT work (how did this EVER work on paper?)

Anyway, you be the judge. I, however, dig.

Photo: GOLD COAST, 2008. Photo taken by Jason Bryant.


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