Monday, December 22, 2008

"Twelve Times"

"Twelve Times" (front cover)
Listen to AIN'T NO BIG THING by Jimmy James And The Vagabonds.

Download the 2008 mix here.

Happy Holidays! Here is this year's holiday mix, hot off the presses. Not sure I have anything to say about it. I wanted to do something nice and easy, something you can play while you clean up on Sunday afternoon, or borrow from if you're DJ'ing your New Years Eve do.

The two things that made this was, I've known for a year that the first song here would be the first song -- the "Twelve!" announcement signifies that this is the twelfth mix that we've done since Amy and I have been together (and that's all the title really means too), and also, I wanted to do mostly Northern Soul tunes from the vaults, which I did for the most part, but I did get away from that a little bit with each successive draft. Thanks to John and Stu in particular -- a lot of these songs are actually theirs. Thievery. I try not to be deliberately obscurantist, so hopefully you'll recognize a lot of these songs, but not be bored by them. That's it. Ain't no big thing. Ho ho ho!

Download the 2008 mix here.

"Twelve Times" (back cover)
Photos: "Twelve Times" // Tunes for 2008 (front and back covers).


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