Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Jah Monty
Listen to I'M SO PROUD by Joe White.

This mix from 2002 is a tiny bit awkward in retrospect. It's a mix of Afrobeat and reggae--which is fine--but it doesn't really stretch out or dig too deep. Thing is, I was aware of this at the time, but I wanted the mix to be reflective of what I had actually been listening to that year, and I was just getting into Jamaican & African music in a meaningful way.

IIRC, we met Stu right around the time I finished this, and I got swamped with so much great Jamaican stuff that I never looked back. I can't even imagine how I put together such a mix before getting Stu's collection, or what the point would be.

None of that is to say this particular song isn't good. It's wonderful, in fact, and I much prefer it to the Curtis Mayfield original. It should be downloaded by everyone.

(The title, which was Amy's, was in loving memory of my maternal Grandfather.)

Photo: Jah Monty.


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uncle billy said...

"maternal Grandfather" who always brightened the room with his wit and humor.