Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hi dere

I hope you've been enjoying my sabbatical week as much as I have!

I've mostly stayed away from music all week, giving my ears a rest before I focus on our annual holiday mix. The only thing I've really been listening to is this album by Bran Nu Classix. I feel like I'd like to shill for them a little bit, even though I guess it's not shilling since I paid retail for the album! They are two degrees of separation from me since my friend Freddie went to school with them way back when, and he's working on a documentary for them too. But that's all I know. Anyway, this is fresh & easy hip hop for any of you craving that.

I also had one more listen to Andrew Vladeck's new EP. I don't think I ever did a review of his release party concert, and won't do one now, except to remark at how tough he's gotten his banjo to sound lately. I mean, the set was pretty much just him and his banjo, and he was acting like he was rockin out the Mercury Lounge. And he was! I don't really know how much he's been touring lately but he seemed on the top of his game. Anyway, go pay retail for his EP or even just go download it.


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uncle billy said...

Happy Birthday today goes out to none other than Richard Penniman! Hope that means a double victory for us today...